The purpose of the Prospecting Rules! blog is share some ideas about prospecting. If you’re actively promoting a Network-Marketing or Direct-Sales opportunity, then you know all too well the importance of prospecting. It’s the lifeblood of your business. In short, Prospecting Rules!

Consider the PR! blog a resource, a smorgasbord of smart ideas, a potpourri of principles, a cornucopia of critical concepts that govern prospecting. Approaching someone you don’t know with a business opportunity is a unique activity. There are ways to do so in a friendly, professional, and effective manner (Hint: mounting an all-out frontal assault isn’t one of them). By following some tried and true principles, you can create phenomenal win-win results. Think about it like this: proper prospecting involves following some basic rules—Prospecting Rules!

As it matures, this blog will develop into a collection of useful topics all relevant to your prospecting efforts. Whether you’re building a Network-Marketing team, a Direct-Sales team, or perhaps an insurance agency, you can find valuable information to aid your endeavor. Heck, one time, I even had the owner of a franchise company ask to pick my brain about how to recruit more franchisees. I guess it’s true—principles is principles.

And principles is all you’ll get here.

Knock ’em alive,

Guru of the 6′ Rule

“Techniques are temporary. Principles are permanent.” —Michael S. Clouse









Russ McNeil speaks, trains, and writes for the Network-Marketing and Direct-Sales industries. His material is highly focused on situational prospecting (i.e., approaching people you don’t know in everyday situations). Russ’ teachings are based on solid principles that empower teams to grow faster. His humor and unique presentation style have been enjoyed by audiences from a diverse group of companies. Russ’ flagship book, Prospecting Rules!, systematizes effective prospecting conversations through large doses of both humor and insight. That’s why it’s being hailed by experts and novices alike. For more information about Russ, his trainings, or his publications, visit one of the following:

http://www.ProspectingRules.com (coming soon)

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