Potent Books

This page lists some learning aids that can catapult your effectiveness as a team builder to whole new levels. There are a lot of great books that you could read in the name of personal development. In keeping with the theme of the Prospecting Rules! blog though, I’ll limit the recommendations to ones that have a direct bearing on your prospecting skills.

How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie)

This one’s a classic and you may have read it already. Read it again with prospecting in mind. It might seem like a whole new book. Everything in it applies to situational prospecting.

Positive Personality Profiles (Robert Rohm )

A fantastic overview of the personality types and how they interact with others. Don’t read this book—internalize it! The information it contains, will empower you to relate to people like never before. Relate quicker, relate better, and relate to a wider range of people. Be sure to order the adult profile assessment to go with it.

The Go Giver (Bob Burg and John David Mann )

One of my all-time favorite personal development books. It is a fantastic story in which the main character learns about the power associated with giving. So what does giving have to do with prospecting? Only everything! Once you read it, you’ll understand.

Cracking the Networking CODE (Dean Lindsay )

Would you like to have your contacts become a constant source of referrals? Then read Dean’s book. This enjoyable read describes the “4 steps to priceless business relationships.” While it isn’t about Network-Marketing per se, the information it shares is valuable to anyone engaged in prospecting.

Hung by the Tongue (Francis P. Martin)

‘Be careful what you say because that’s exactly what you’ll end up with.’ You’ve probably heard that statement before, but is it true? The answer may rock your world. So what’s this got to with prospecting? A lot. Have you ever asked yourself questions like, ‘Why is it so hard for me to find someone willing to look at my magazine/DVD?’ This book changed the way I talk about (and to) myself forever. It made the difference between quitting the industry and becoming an expert in one of the most mysterious aspects of the industry.

Greatest Salesman in the World (Og Mandino)

Why would a book sell several million copies? Because of the effect it has on the reader. This book presents a riveting story. It wasn’t written with Network-Marketing in mind, but it could have been. A must-read for those serious about their prospecting results.

Prospecting Rules! (coming soon) (Russ McNeil )

The books above may not have been written specifically for Network-Marketing or Direct-Sales, but this one definitely was. The information it contains will empower you to approach people you don’t know in any situation. It systematizes your prospecting conversations. From how to start a conversation, what to say & ask, how to say it, how the get the phone number, how to bring up the subject of opportunity, what to say in the follow-up call. No theory, just practical principles that get results. Lots of humor, loads of fresh insights. Read the foreword here

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